For sealing both truck doors and trailers, you can choose between an indicative seal (fixed length or adjustable), barrier seal or the economic reusable seal.

  • Indicative seal: Indicative strips seals are used to indicate whether truck doors or trailers have been opened in the meantime without authorization. These seals can be applied by hand, and removed manually or by means of scissors/a knife. The seals have a unique number and can be provided with a bar code. Our indicative seals are characterized by their high security level. It is possible to provide the indicative strip seals with your own logo/print.
  • Barrier seal: Barrier seals are intended to slow down theft from trucks, trailers and semi-trailers. The seals can be applied simply and quickly by hand. These seals can only be removed by means of tools. The seals are provided with a unique number and/or bar code. Various barrier seals from our extensive range are suitable for the customs application "authorized consignor". It is possible to provide a barrier seal with your own logo/print.
  • Reusable seal: Are the doors of your trailer opened several times per day? In that case, the use of seals will often lead to complex situations and a difficult audit trail. Under these circumstances, the reusable seal is the optimum solution. The robust mechanical system will provide a new unique number after each opening. This seal is maintenance free and fully mechanical (no batteries). Depending on how it is used, our customers will be able to use it for 5 to 10 years. This seal guarantees a single investment with fast payback and a low TCO.

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